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January 29, 2017

Airbnb promises that "unforgettable trips start with Airbnb!". Here at Old Oak Barn we like to think we help all our visitors make lasting and unforgettable memories of their stay with us - be it just for a few nights, a week or longer.  Old Oak Barn, like many other self catering accommodation providers, got listed on Airbnb a while ago but we have always welcomed visitors from all over the world who seem to want what we are offering.  If you are looking on Airbnb for Carmarthen you may well stumble across some interesting out of the way properties, tree houses, yurts, caravans and camp sites even.  This area of Carmarthenshire now includes over a hundred properties listed on the popular website.  If you would like ot stay with us you can book through Airbnb or come direct using contact or phone 07787148884

The Airbnb platform is huge worldwide - did you know that Paris is the city with the highest number of lets? That airbnb now has accommodation in 191 countries and in 57,000 cities! Also that Airbnb’s summer reach is 353 times what it was five years ago.  Old Oak Barn has the same availability displayed as on Airbnb.

This graph shows just how massive its growth has been recently!

Airbnb Carmarthen

We can see the positives for visitors and for hosts. Reviews form a big part of its success and people who use Airbnb know that all reviews are genuine. From a hosts perspective it is a positive thing to be able to review a visitor. And from a visitors perspective it is accepted that its almost a duty to write an open and honest appraisal of your stay. Not all our visitors do infact write a review but we encourage ALL to write something ... even if its warts and all!  Afterall there is always room for improvement. The success of Airbnb is I think because of the trust inherent in users - they know that reviews are genuine! So to sum up ...

  • Reviews are moderated by Airbnb
  • Reviews only come from actual guests and hosts (as opposed to TripAdvisor)
  • Reviews only appear once both sides have had their say
  • Reviews are featured prominently and feature real people
  • There is also private way of giving feedback to the hosts which I have used once or twice!


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