Bluebells out now at Old Oak Barn - 2 weeks early!

April 26, 2014

Are bluebells early this year? Is it due to climate change?


Bluebells at Old Oak Barn in the 40 acre Cwmpalis Woods are almost in full bloom as I write this at the end of April. The warm and sunny weather we have had in April has made them grow faster than usual and we can expect them to peak almost 2 weeks earlier than normal. The small blocks of clearfelling in the woods have opened them up and let in lots of light which has made the beautiful bluebells bloom where normally the bulbs would remain hidden and dormant underground.Woodlands

Did you know half the worlds bluebells are in Britain?

It must be one of the most lovely of all woodland flowers and the scent is overpowering when walking in the woods especially at dusk. Many of our visitors this year have spent hours in the woods exploring and several children have written eloquently in the visitors book of the wonderful adventures they have had outside in the "forest" as some call it!  Toasting marshmallows on the little camp fire and playing on the swings is a big favourite pastime in 2014!  And playing on the big swings in the woods comes a close second!Swings in the woods


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