Garden of Wales

March 30, 2022

Garden of Wales

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is a few miles out of Carmarthen and is currently offering lots of courses and talks! Some of the gardening courses get booked up way in advance. Course fees seem to be really good value and do of course include entry to the garden for that day.

Thanks to Dr Natasha De Vere for this stunning pic.

New research done over several years here has created a league table of many of the favourite flowers of bees and hoverflies, giving a window into their secret lives. I was not surprised to see that bramble is one of pollinators favourites! We have plenty of that in our woods and around my garden! One of the researchers has provided many tips to encourage bees and hoverflies. Most of these hints we follow here but there is always more we can do!

  • Provide plants throughout the season by reducing mowing to encourage plants such as dandelion and buttercups in spring and planting late flowering asters such as Rudbeckia/HeleniumBidens/Coreopsis and Aster for forage in the autumn.
  • Reduce scrub management to encourage bramble Rubus fruticosus.
  • Eliminate the use of pesticides, herbicides, and peat in your garden
  • Provide suitable nesting habitat within gardens e.g., bee hotels for aerial nesters and both short and long grass for ground-nesting bees.
  • Provide aquatic habitats and decaying wood to encourage a diversity of hoverflies.
Autumn Colours

Planning a visit to this very special place is highly recommended when staying here at Old Oak Barn.

Admission tickets are valid for the following seven days after your visit and permit free unlimited entry for this period. So if you visit early on in your stay you can return later in the week for free. The walks there are fantastic!


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