Joe Short Photographer

September 11, 2017

Joe Short Photographer

This year we have had some wonderful visitors who have enjoyed exploring not only this beautiful valley here at Old Oak Barn but also the local area. One family stands out because of the lovely photos he took while here.  Joe Short Wedding Photographer from Bath is someone I think would come up with some extraordinary photos if you are planning your special day.

Joe Short Photographer

Joe Short Photographer

This photo was taken on the bottom track of our woods in early September when we had had an unusually wet spell and there were even a few puddles! The one below shows the Fairy House almost hidden among trees.Joe Short Photographer

Joe has travelled the world for clients and I get the feeling he would go that extra mile to ensure you could plan together for some memorable and very unique pictures. He was very personable and always had a smile on his face. I think their 5 year old daughter adored our chickens - I don't think I have met a child who was so focussed on them and it was a struggle to get her out of the run after collecting the eggs.  She was completely fearless. We often check the sheep with visitors and if they want to get involved when we have to move them then of course all help is welcome!Joe Short Photographer

 Thank you to Joe Short Photographer for sending some photos for me to use in this short blog!Joe Short PhotographerJoe Short Photographer






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