See Bluebells in Wales!

March 31, 2015

See Bluebells in WalesSee Bluebells in Wales

Old Oak Barn near Carmarthen has 40 acres of woodlands to roam - with lots of tracks and paths which we maintain so that you can wander at leisure.

Towards the middle end of April the bluebells will begin to flower and depending on the weather they will put on an amazing show for up to a month.

In recent year small patches have been clearfelled in the woods as part of our woodland management programme - all felling is undertaken under license. Replanting over the past few years has been very successful and now the woods provide a great variety of habitats for wildlife and birds. We have two small areas which are left undisturbed completely. The small log cabin which has been in the woods for over 25 years is much loved and nearby we have two swings and a good picnic area where you can have BBQs and a real camp fire. We look forward to the holiday season of 2015 when visitors will be able once again to enjoy this semi natural ancient woodland as it is classified. We are confident the bluebells will put on another glorious show!

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Bluebells in woods at Old Oak Barn in Wales


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